1-Step clean & shine in no time!

One easy step to wash, shine & protect!


Gently washes away dirt & road grime without scratching


Dries spot free, leaving your car sparkling clean


Enriched with carnauba wax – for an enhanced shine

Net weight: 1

    Pour 1 oz. of Zip Wax® Car Wash & Wax into a bucket and add water. Rinse off car with water.

    Using a soft sponge or wash mitt, wash one section at a time working your way from the top to the bottom.

    Rinse off and towel dry with a chamois or soft towel.

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    • Thanks
      Mike | , | 7.20.2011
      As a long time car enthusiast and professional mechanic I have used many different cleaning products. Every time I try a different manufacturer I always go back to Turtle Wax products. I just used the Zip Wax Car Wash and absolutely love it. Thanks for a great product.
    • used to be a five
      ken | la verne, calif. | 8.28.2011
      I have been using this car wash since the early 70s tried other brands but always came back to zip wax.BUT just recently i bought a new bottle and something has changed
    • Awesome shine!
      Mike | , | 11.28.2011
      I have been using Turtle Zip Wax for the last 22 years on various vehicles. I love that there is a ton of suds and leaves an awesome shine! I have been asked all the time from different people, "how often do u wax your car?" I said only once a year, maybe. I told them I use Turtle Wax Zip Wax and to give it a try, you won't regret it! And this was all thanks to my grandpa that got me washing his car from the early age of 13 years old.
    • Cleans well & add a little shine
      Alvin | , | 1.5.2012
      First thing off, the smell of this car wash is really like one of the housing detergent I used before. Strong smell and not really that pleasant. When I mixed and dilute with this product with the water, there's plenty of foam which is a good sight. Cleaning is easy but will require to dry off quickly after rinsing. Otherwise, water mark will be spotted.
    • ?
      Ed Zehel | Belleville, Michigan | 6.11.2012
      Directions say mix 1oz of wash & wax to bucket of water. Doesn't say 1 gal bucket or 5 gal bucket. Emailed question to turtle wax which has gone unanswered. Poor directions, poor customer relations
    • Zip Wash
      chuck | Shelby Twp., Michigan | 5.11.2013
      I have used the Zip wash for 30 years. I will no longer use it because the new ECO friendly formula is terrible. You should have left it alone.
    • Leaves a residue on the car's windows
      Robert | Oregon | 10.21.2013
      I have used Zip Wax on my Toyota for a couple years. I am noticing a film on the glass. I think the Zip wax is building up on the glass. I have tried several glass cleaners to remove the film but nothing cuts it. What can I use to clean the glass of this wax?
    • Excellent Winter Wash/Wax Booster
      Francesco | Mid-Atlantic | 1.9.2014
      I got a bottle of Zip Wax for a Christmas present. I use TW F21 Wash normally, but I've discovered that Zip Wax makes a wonderful wash for cold weather when you can't really wax after washing with F21. It leaves a beautiful shine and seems to boost the life of wax already on the car. Well done, Turtle Wax!