Simply spray on wet car & dry to an instant shine!

High shine in no time!


Turtle Wax® Quick & Easy™ Wax & Dry™ is the fastest and easiest method to a smooth, slick finish


Easy on, easy off application


Streak-free formula provides ultimate protection



Net weight: 1.5

    Wash car & rinse: Skip drying, leave on wet car. Spray: Shake product well. Simply spray one car panel at a time while car is still wet. Dry: Dry and shine at the same time with a clean cotton towel or microfiber.

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    • Wax & Dry
      Carol | , | 6.7.2011
      Haven't used a Turtle Wax product since college and decided to try your Wax & Dry. Just wanted to say "thanks" is was easy to use and now comes the test for how long. Regardless, great shine and don't have to wait until the car is dry.
    • Smells nice
      David D. | , Iowa | 6.21.2011
      This stuff works pretty well, and smells incredible, but is still not as good as the actual wax pastes. This is a good product for when your in a hurry, but not for classic cars, which you will want to protect even more.
    • Excellent product
      Wayen | Fresno, Ca. | 6.30.2011
      I saw a man using this at a drive though car wash on a black SUV. It looked great, I asked what the product was. He said "Turtle Wax one step" I bought some the same day and have used it several times on my Barcelona Red SUV. Wow, I am very impressed. Thanks to you old friend. Turtle wax was the first car wax I ever used,back in the late 1950's)
    • Wax & Dry
      Jeff D | Reno, Nevada | 8.24.2011
      Love it!
    • Yes Please!
      Mike | Russiaville, Indiana | 9.27.2011
      I bought this product to help dry my car after washing it by hand instead of using the automatic car wash.First thing I noticed is it seems to be wasting the product if you leave your car sopping wet like the directions specify. What I do now is I quickly dry my car with a large microfiber towel, just leaving the little droplets everywhere. Then I go through and mist a section at a time with this product. It really doesn't take much at all when your car is clean -- One squirt per window is plenty, and maybe two squirts per side panel. Wipe dry with a small microfiber towel. When the towel gets too wet, it will not let the product dry, so that's when you'll need to get a new towel out.The best use I have found for this product aside from it's aid in drying a car with no water spots is to use it as a quick detailer to remove bugs, light dust coatings, and fresh tar from your car. I wash my car around every 2-4 weeks, depending on the weather, but because of this product, I can mist the windshield and wipe (heavily) with a small microfiber towel and the bugs are gone. Do the same on the front of the car. If there's water spots from the rain, just a quick mist and wipe on the whole car will get it back to it's clean and shiny state, with no water needed.The only negative that I would have to say is I used it on the front side of black trim mirrors, and it left a hazy, streaky look. After the product dries, you can use a dry towel to clean this off, but it just doesn't look that great (it's still wonderful to remove and protect from the bugs on the mirrors). I followed up with the Turtle Wax F21 Super Protectant, and that stuff brought the shiny black finish to match the rest of the car. One other thing is I decided to try this on the inside of the windshield, and while it works well, it is hard to prevent streaks.Overall, I highly recommend this product for both drying a car after a wash (after a quick pass to get rid of most of the water) and for use in between washings to prolong the cleanliness of your car.
    • Wax and Dry
      Hans | Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia | 12.22.2011
      Some time ago I managed to buy a bottle of Wax and Dry. Now it appears that it is no longer sold in Australia, I can't find it anywhere. That is a great pity because it is a good product.
    • Wonderful quick detailer
      Alvin | , | 1.5.2012
      I really really like the smell from this quick detailer. Much better than your Express Shine.  There is almost no streaks left behind after applying!! Even on plastic and glass panels. And it can be applied on regardless wet or dry surface. But of course the wax protection provided is minimum and a lot less durable.  Just apply it once a few days to maintain the look is sufficient. Thanks Turtle Wax.
    • Great Product.
      Patrick Ricks | Barnwell, South Carolina/United States | 6.19.2012
      The best spray wax ever. Hand's down. I will be buying this again.
    • Great Product
      Chris | , Manitoba | 6.29.2012
      Started using this product last summer with results that exceeded my expectations. Product is very easy to use. Leaves my car looking great and and results last a long time.
    • Mirror Finish on 2005 Scion XB
      Jamie | Carlsbad, CA | 7.2.2012
      I love this product. Saves a step, no longer have to dry then wax. I use the Zip Wax Car Wash and the One Step on my black car and it shines! Please do not stop making this!!
    • LOVE IT!
      Timothy | , | 12.4.2012
      Works great, easy to use every time, really makes the truck look fantastic. Also smells pleasant, almost like coconut. Highly recommended. Better than other similar brand name and more expensive products I've used!
    • Awesome & Easy!
      Giia | , Ohio | 12.16.2012
      I've always paid someone to wash/wax my car, but I wanted to start taking care of my own vehicle. I read the reviews on this product online, and then bought it. IT IS FANTASTIC AND EASY! My new car looks amazing, and if I could do it right anyone could.
    • Excellent Product
      Bob | Appleton, Wisconsin | 9.10.2013
      I'm very satisfied with this product. Years ago I used a competitor's post-drying spray product. It may have been a bit better in terms of shine but I don't recall that it had the lasting protection of this Turtle Wax product. Just tried it as a "between washings" detailer to remove some dirt from both of my cars. In my case I gently pre-cleaned with a soft, damp cotton cloth. This left some water beading on the surface. Then I applied the Wax and Dry and wiped with a dry, soft cotton cloth. The resulting finish was clean, smooth and oh, that aroma. The smell of success! Thanks Turtle Wax!
    • I no longer dread washing and waxing my car anymore!
      Dan O'Brien | Norwalk, Ca | 1.19.2014
      I usually let my car go too long between washes and wax job because I really hate to apply and remove paste waxes. I have always used paste or liquid Turtle Wax in the past, but now I am hooked on the new Wax and Dry product. It is so easy to use, just spray it on while you dry your car. Also it smells great. You don't end up with dry hands from using the old paste and liquid waxes, your hands just smell nice and still feel soft (coconut?) after cleaning and waxing your car. This Wax and Dry product will make me much more willing to clean my car more often just because you don't spend hours polishing like we had to do with paste wax.