Easy-to-use pen, fills clear coat scratches and paint chips in less than a minute

#1 Brand in Scratch Repair


Safe for all paint colors

Dries to the touch in 10 minutes

Repairs 144 inches of scratches

Net weight: 0.02
SKU: T121

    Wash and dry vehicle (use Turtle Wax® Zip Wax® Car Wash & Wax for a high quality wash). Shake pen to mix contents. Depress pen tip on a piece of paper to start the flow of clear coat resin.

    Guide tip along scratch making sure a light flow of clear coat fills the scratch. Resin will dry to the touch in 10 minutes. Allow 24 hours for resin to cure before polishing or waxing.

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    • Do not buy this
      Caroline | Foley, Al | 8.6.2012
      I would never recommend this product to anyone unless you want to handle a bigger problem than a scratch. Now my car has a weird obvious issue that was worse than my scratch was to begin with.
    • Works
      Melinda | Burnaby, BC | 4.6.2013
      Works on very minor and light scratches. Will not work on deep scratches that has gone thru the metal. The brush I used to wash the car must have contacted some pebbles, therefore scratching the car,. The pen covered the scratches. Nice cover up but you can see it if you look closely.
    • Terrible
      Olivia Larson | Las Vegas, NV | 6.26.2013
      Ruined my cars paint job & dripped everywhere! Was absolutely terrible! No idea how I'm going to fix the drip marks along my car or how much money the damage will cost! DO NOT USE! Will drip and run down the side of car and cause a lot of damage.
    • Scratch Pen
      Elmer | Virginia | 10.21.2013
      Do not use! I wish i would have read or checked reviews before hand. Will mess up your car
    • Pen sucks
      Roger | Stockton,ca | 10.24.2013
      Pen dripped all over making the scratch look worse. Although it did work on very tiny scratches. I wouldn't recommend this product.