The simplest way to get rid of deep stains and odors

Incredible Odor-X® action eliminates odors and leaves your car feeling fresh!

Formulated with oxygenated cleaners for professional strength cleaning

Deep cleans, deodorizes and protects carpeting

Encapsulates and removes odors caused by smoke, pets, and food!

Powerful stain removal for ground-in stains, coffee, grease, food, oil, ink, and more!

Safe for use on all carpets – in the car, on the boat, or in the home .

Net weight: 1.1
SKU: T244R1

    General Cleaning: Vacuum loose dirt from surface. Shake well and spray evenly onto upholstery. Rub foam into upholstery with bristle cap until foam disappears. Wipe area with a clean cloth and vacuum when dry.

    Spot Removal: Remove surface dirt. Shake well and cover spot with foam. Rub cleaner with bristle brush cap until spot is gone. Reapply if necessary. Blot area with a clean, dry towel.

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    • owner
      stuart chason | brookline, ma | 7.26.2011
      product works fine but dispensing the product with the new yellow cap mechanism is deplorable.It needs to be replaced with a better system. As a result I had to return both cans of material and bought a competitor brand
    • Ms
      E Barnes | , | 8.11.2011
      The cleaner is great. The brush attachment is the most frustrating thing I have ever used. It continuously falls apart. The previous version was so much better. The design is terrible. I will buy a different cleaner because of the brush attachment. Design it better.
    • Worst Designed Product on the Market
      Joel | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 10.23.2011
      Although the foam cleaning solution was adequate to clean the carpet, the design of the can/brush head is PATHETIC!! It does not work as indicated. I had to remove the brush head and force the small nozzle down with a pan cap to get the product to dispense. Buy another product if you need to clean your car's carpet!!!
    • Sorry
      Cheryl | McGregor, Mn | 11.7.2011
      This did take the stain out but the messiness caused by the foam coming out all around the cap & getting all over my hand was an absolute deal breaker on ever buying it again. I have a full can that I know will do the job but do not want to put up with the foam running out all over my hand & the can!! Sorry..
    • Really messy
      Roberta | , | 11.29.2011
      I had the same problem as the other reviewer. The foam leaks out all over, from the top and bottom of the cap. Glad to know it wasn't just me.
    • ms
      bonnie | snover, MI | 4.29.2012
      This product is awesome but....the can and top suck.  Top keeps falling off and cleaner goes all down can.
    • Great Product
      Sharon | Virginia Beach, VA | 6.20.2012
      I have nothing but good things to say about this product. The scrub brush is convenient and works perfectly. It removes spots and keeps them gone. Wish it were more available in stores!
    • M
      Bruce | , | 10.6.2012
      Good cleaner in a poorly designed product. The brush and sprayer top don't allow you to use the product properly. The plastic top falls apart too readily. Fortunately, it is easy to reassemble, but it still doesn't work correctly, even after numerous trials. My advice - get another product and use your own separate brush, not the one on the product's spray can.
    • Oxy Carpet Cleaner
      Ron | Kelowna, BC | 10.7.2012
      This product was the worst we have ever used. First, it refused to spray out until we removed the whole yellow top, and then was infuriating. As a cleaner, it did nothing on the carpet which had stains from our pet dog's foot prints (dirt and paw marks only) After the cleaning and scrubbing, it still looks the same. We have thrown out the rest of the container.
    • Oxy Power Out
      Jim Jackson | wonewoc, wi. | 4.3.2013
      The oxy power out cleaners are worthless. First they don't spray worth a hoot. All they do is make a big gob. It is hard to get the cap off and then you can't get it back on.
    • Bummer
      Bummer | , | 4.27.2013
      This a real bummer! I like the cleaner & it has a nice scent. Been using it for a long time... but the design of the can has gotten to me. Every can I've bought has had a problem with the spray cap. This last can is the LAST STRAW! Can't get any spray out of the cap.. It just runs down the side of the can.This design is real crap! OK, Turtle Wax you have my email address when you put a conventional sprayer/top on the can drop me an email. Until then I'll be using a different product.
    • Amazing!
      Kathleen Roskowski | Schertz, Texas | 5.16.2013
      Today I bought this product hoping it would clean the upholstery on my car door that my dogs had muddy and full of drool. Nothing else worked that I or my husband tried. This product cleaned my car, and made it look brand new again! THANKS for making such a great product!
    • Great Product, Horrible Bottle
      Jen | San Diego, Ca | 5.31.2013
      I love Turtle Wax products and use them in all areas of my home and vehicles. However, the bottle system is crap! I have about three bottles that are half way full but unusable because the white knob no longer sprays the product out. It all just bubbles out from the top making it impossible to use the remaining product. Just frustrating!