Rated #1 in durability

Turtle Wax® ICE® Paste Wax gives vehicles a maximum high-gloss shine and protects against the sun's UV rays.  The non-streaking formula can be applied in direct sunlight and leaves no white powdery residue.  Turtle Wax® ICE® Paste Wax's breakthrough dirt repellent formula keeps vehicles cleaner longer and can even be used on exterior rubber and non-textured plastic trim.  

Includes applicator.

Net weight: 0.5
SKU: T465R

    Wash and dry your vehicle, and use applicator to apply wax, one section at a time.

    Remove wax with one side of a microfiber towel.

    Use other side of towel to buff to a high-gloss shine, using a damp microfiber towel to remove any excess wax. Buff again lightly.

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    • Good
      Elliot | , | 3.12.2013
      Very easy to use. Lasts.
    • Ice Paste Wax
      Jim | New York | 10.4.2013
      I've been detailing cars for 20 years. Very impressed with this product. Works even better than the leading consumer report product I used to use. In fact, this product bailed me out on a hazing issue I recently had with that former wax, that I no longer use. Plus the Ice Wax is much easier to use, and in addition to working well on painted surfaces, it worked very well on my vehicles exterior plastics too.
    • Very hard to remove
      Phil | Pennsylvania | 10.30.2013
      I dont know why, but i found this wax to be very difficult to remove. Especially when you let it try to a haze for 3-5 minutes. It is like trying to wipe glue from the surface. Even after using ice detailer over it. I only did the hood with this wax, and then switched to ice liquid wax.. However this wax seems like it would be very durable if i could remove it easily. I love all other turtle wax products. I wish i could use this product with much more ease.
    • Ice Paste Wax
      WILLIAM PETERSON | Tucson AZ | 11.7.2013
      This wax is outstanding! It bought the paint job on my Chevy Malibu to a high gloss mirror shine!
    • Same Wax?
      Robert | Florida | 2.18.2014
      Can someone please shed some light on whether or not this wax (T465R) is the same wax rated highly by Consumer Reports (T465)? The packaging has changed and it is significantly cheaper than before. Is it the same stuff, or a watered-down version?