For an enhanced, showroom shine

Restore the luster to your car’s finish with Turtle Wax® Ice® Car Wash – a synthetic blend of shine enhancers that gently lifts dirt and other material with a thick, clear, high-foaming formula. It’s fast and easy, rinsing clean and spot-free. Safe for all finishes and safe on the wax you already have on your vehicle. It’s also biodegradable and has a fresh, clean scent.

Net weight: 3
SKU: T472R

    Put 1 oz. of Turtle Wax® ICE® Car Wash in a gallon of cool water and agitate to activate the foam.

    Wash one section of a time, starting at the top and working down, with a sponge or wash mitt.

    Rinse with clean, cool water and dry with a soft towel or chamois.

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    • Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash
      Roger H | , | 6.2.2011
      One of the best car wash soaps I have ever used. Washed my car on a hot sunny day this week and not a hint of a water spot anywhere as I dried my car. I have suggested it used to all my friends.
    • great job
      patricia h | mount carmel, tn | 8.21.2011
      I just wanted to say that your product ice car wash and wax is the best ever we use it on our cars and harleys they is nothing better to make it shine hats off to the workers that make the product we have not found anything that compares to ice thank you
    • Ice Car Wash
      Stephanie | henderson, ky | 10.20.2011
      This stuff is AWEFUL! It needs a negative star but that wasn't an option. I used it three times on my car. Everytime the water spots were horrible. Spots on the glass to the point you couldn't see through it and spots on the body making it look like it had been through a powder storm. And I have a white car!! While your bug and tar remover is great, I seriously will steer people away from this car wash.
    • Best wash on the market
      Johnson | , | 11.24.2011
      This is truly the best wash on the market. I've tried them all and this stuff performs superbly. It smells great too.I want to pass on any negative reviews about waterspots has to be due to the misunderstanding that you don't have to dry the car after washing. You still must dry the car, if you don't you'll get waterspots from the water itself (hard water). The soap doesn't contribute to waterspots, but water left to dry on it's own can cause spots.
    • Water spots
      YESEl | CLaremore, Ok | 6.17.2012
      I spent $10.00 on a product that promises no water spots. That is false advertisement, this product left huge water spots all over my car. I gave it 2 stars cause I also have the Ice spray wax and I love it.
    • no instructions
      davy | 18034, pa | 8.27.2012
      There is something wrong that I must do a search of your website just to find out how much of this product to mix with water. NO info on the product label! That's just wrong and I would have thought better of a long standing brand as Turtle Wax.
      Mark | Carol Stream, Illinois | 9.11.2012
      I've read the complaints about this product and I'm here to give my thoughts. For those complaining about water spots, the instructions say that you have to DRY with a soft towel or chamois after rinsing. When it says it won't leave water spots, it does NOT mean let it stand out to dry after rinsing. People need to start reading instructions and follow them too.
    • Ice Car Wash
      Nan | East Jordan, Mi | 10.3.2012
      it was simple to use AFTER going to the web site to find out how much to pour in the water. Nothing on the label!
      MICHAEL | HATTIESBURG, MS. 39402 | 12.25.2012
    • Another great product!
      roho | woodstock , va | 1.18.2013
      Had used the Turtle Wax "Zip Wax" for years and was very satisfied.This product is even better! Minimal effort, smells nice, and leaves a great, spotless, shine. Would highly recommend!
    • Awful! Awful! Awful!
      John Smith | Austin, Texas | 3.14.2013
      I've used this product twice already on my car and both times, I have nothing but streaks and spots. My car is black, so you see everything! Yeah okay Texas does have hard water but that shouldn't have anything to do with this solution. I tried both air drying it and using a shamy, still, nothing but streaks, film and spots! Dropping this and going with something else!
    • Poor product
      Paul Correll | Canton, GA | 7.9.2013
      After using ICE car wash twice.I experienced large areas of my car including windows that was not cleaned with this product.
    • NO mixing instructions
      Mona Romma | Haddam, Ct | 8.5.2013
      I spent good $$ for product. There were no mixing instructions on container. I ended up getting 5 washes because I used to much product/ratio to water.
    • Works great
      Steve Lowrey | Madison, Connecticut | 8.6.2013
      This stuff works great, leave a nice shiny finish, almost as if you'd waxed the car, BUT - there were NO mixing instructions on the bottle!
    • Do not buy
      Chris hinkley | Lees summit , Mo | 8.24.2013
      I just bought my first car ever. It's a header orange dart rallye. Regular pressure washes don't really get it all off so I went out and bought the whole tw ice product line. While I haven't use the wax yet I used the car wash today it cleaned the car well but before I could get to the chamois I notice horrible water spotting. When I went to wipe it down the spots would not wipe off and there was a rubbery film within the spots that will not come off now. I used my spray away glass cleaner on the glass and the spots won't come off at all no matter what I use to clean it now I don't know what is used in this formula but I am now forced to go power wash it off hopefully. I have never like turtle wax products and against my instinct and judgement I bought this huge mistake. I am goin to take back all the other ice products I bought that I haven't used yet thank god. I just hope I can get whatever this crap is off my car or tw will be making the payments for me for ruining my paint !!!
    • ice all in one interior
      james | palm bay fl | 11.7.2013
      I have a 1988 Cadillac Fleetwood it has metal, hard plastic and wood and a lot of it big inside and this product leaves it all in great condition and restores the plastic back to new looking I am starting my own detailing business as a kid and only use this stuff for all my interiors and my customers say it is the best to. the only thing is it is a pain to get off glass if u get it on there wash it off immediately other than that no complaints haven't used the exterior products yet I already have my trusted exterior brands but want to try these products also
    • Dilute 1:128 !!! 1oz/gallon
      Jim Miller | California | 11.13.2013
      -1 star for lack of dilution instructions !!! ONE(1) oz per GALLON!! NO instructions with product. I'm guessing that the negative reviews are due to not diluting at all. Which was my first guess on how I was supposed to use it. My second guess was that I was to use the 1/2 gallon I bought and was supposed to add water. It was difficult to find the proper dilution until I found this web page ( www.turtlewax.com/shop/products/turtle-wax-ice-car-wash ). Good stuff, but I'll suggest that using full strength is bad.
    • Real Good Stuff
      Peter | New Zealand | 11.20.2013
      OK I did an internet search & got the dilution. The Ice wash/wax worked a treat. Gave it a dry off as per instruction, & the car looks brand new. Gave it a wax after. I'll be sticking with the programme & buy more. And use again. Does everything that I expected it to do. Plus.+++ Made the job enjoyable.