Dramatically restores dull, yellowed headlights to like-new clarity

#1 Selling Headlight Kit!


Removes medium oxidation and seals headlights to prevent future yellowing

Improve lens appearance and visibility for safer driving!

Designed to remove medium oxidation and yellowing to improve headlight performance


Lens Base Coat and Sealing Wipe system protects and prolongs lens clarity for years


Saves money – no need to spend hundreds of dollars on new headlights


Superior results without the need for a drill or power tool .

Net weight: 1

    Thoroughly clean headlight lens and use masking tape to protect nearby painted surfaces.

    Apply Lens Clarifying Compound to one lens at a time. If not fully clear, apply included spray lube and use Restoration Pads on problem spots.

    Use Lens Sealing Wipe to add a protective layer.

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    • Did nothing
      Brian Gardner | Columbia, MO | 5.4.2011
      I used this product exactly as directed and headlight lenses now seem cloudy and scratched. So I gained nothing with this product. My wallets is now lighter though. Not a good choice at all.
    • Magnificent
      Sean | Victorville, CA | 5.15.2011
      My headlights were TRASHED. I wish i could put pictures up. My wife, who knows nothing about cars, was floored when she came into the driveway and saw 2 sparkling headlights beaming at her. I'm surprised Turtle Wax doesnt sell this for more money. I couldnt ask for a better product. Thanks Turtle Wax for opening my car's eyes.
    • Much easier than I expected - and great results!
      Jorge M | Jacksonville, FL | 6.1.2011
      Our 2005 Toyota Sienna's headlights had been making the whole car look worse than it should. I bought a competitor's power-drill-attached product for this purpose, but was a little afraid of the complicated instructions - so I bought a box of Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer at WalMart for about 8 bucks. It took all of 10 minutes, and the result is AMAZING.
    • Super Headlight Restore
      John | L.A., Ca | 6.2.2011
      OK NEW Headlights 150.00, or try restoration for 7.99! I bought the kit at AutoZone took it home and just followed the instructions. about 40 minutes later my headlights were clearer, brighter and look 100% better. I was completely satisfied with the products performance and I have recommended this product to ffiends and family. Great product hands down
    • Amazing
      Mike | , | 6.3.2011
      I just used your Headlight refinishing-restoring compound. That product is amazing. I am skeptical about these types of products but it worked better that I could imagine. Now I did it twice before I applied the sealer since I did not spend as much time as I thought I should have. The final result was spectacular. The lenses look brand new and crystal clear. Thank you very much. Oh and yes, I do use your car wax. Dad's infuence.
    • Headlights
      Marva | , | 6.8.2011
      Hello I take care of my car and was so tired of the yellow headlights. I saw an info on TV about a product that would take care 0f this. Went to the auto store to lacate a product,cost from $5-$29.I liked what your product said and allot easier to use than the rest.Well let me tell you my headlights look great just like new. Thanks for a great product.
    • Headlight Kit
      Shawn | , | 6.8.2011
      WOW! I could not believe how well the Headlight Lens Restorer Product worked. Very impressed with the results, I will tell everyone I know about it...and show them! Thanks.
    • Lens Restorer
      Zachary | , | 6.12.2011
      I just wanted to tell you that your Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer is the best product i have ever used! it did an outstanding job and my headlights look brand new! i will recomend this to all my frends and family! Thank you sooooo much!
    • Interior Use
      John | , | 6.14.2011
      Just purchased 04 Altima. Interior gages bezel lens looked like they had been cleaned with battery acid, dull and scratched. Before replacing decided to try your headlight lens restorer. Am amazed with the outcome. They look brand new. Thanks. Saved me a lot of money and time. Also worked on Radio/CD cover lens
    • Worst Product Ever
      Jesse White | Los Angeles, CA | 7.6.2011
      This product was recommended to me at Autozone to restore the headlights on my 2004 525i.I followed the steps outlined on the box to a T. The crap made my headlights twice as foggy, leaving me very Pi$$d and wanting my money back. I've never had good luck with these Turtle products, and neither has my detailer. It's a bummer, because they're American products too.Just so you know, I've followed the process three times only to make them look worst.
    • Awesome!
      Cassondra | Cedar Park, TX | 7.10.2011
      I had previously done my headlights with a different restoration kit from my husbands work but this one was cheaper and worked way better!!! Its awesome... It takes some time but worth it!
    • Headlight Lens Restorer
      Angelo C | , | 7.24.2011
      Easy to use and very good results. I was doubtful but it turned out to be some of the best money I've ever spent. Very satisfied. Did my wife's car too and have enough to do probably 5 more cars.
    • Great product, but.....
      Jack | Troy, New York | 7.25.2011
      I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product improved both the appearance and performance of my '96 Ford Ranger's headlights. HOWEVER, Turtle Wax cheaps out and only includes one lens sealing wipe (needed), even though there's plenty of compound and lubricant for more than one vehicle.
    • Top Product
      David | Warwick, RI | 7.26.2011
      It isn't often that I find a product that lives up to the claims made for it, but this product certainly does. It is the best!!! This product restored my headlamp lens and bug guard to original condition with only hand polishing. The previous competitor product I tried couldn't come close to these results even with machine buffing.
    • Quality
      Mary | , | 8.9.2011
      I am not a do it yourself kind of person. I wish I could upload pictures to show you the before and after! It worked like magic on my abused 12 year old car! I now feel sorry for the yellow lights I see riding around- they don't know how easy it could be to be clear again!
    • Only does ONE car
      Keith Colwell | Dallas, TX | 8.12.2011
      The kit and chemicals work 5 STAR but there is only one Lens Clarifying Compound pad...you have plenty of application pads and scratch remover chemicals left after one application but no more Lens Clarifying Compound to do another cars headlights :+((.
    • Headlight restore
      Greg | Marshall, NC | 8.14.2011
      The polish and sealant in the kit worked great. However, the sandpaper supplied wasn't even close to the supplies need for my 02 Grand Cherokee. Admittedly my headlights were bad. I used a 1/4 sheet palm sander and started with 400 grit sandpaper. It still took a lot of effort to sand through the crazing. I then used 1000, 1500, 2000 grit paper on the sander and 3000 by hand. the I polised and sealed the lense using the kit. Now my headlights look great.
    • North Road Racing
      Christine S | , | 8.28.2011
      I bought this product as a last resort. I drive Stock car and my lexan wondshield was very discolored. I thought I would give it a try and it worked GREAT!! So I used it on my husband's truck lights and on my car! Thanks for the wonderful product and I will tell all my racing friends and fans to use the best! Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restored!
    • Thanks
      Steve | , | 9.12.2011
      I just wanted to tell you thanks for another great product. I have been using Turtle Wax for years. I just bought the Headlight Lens Restoration Kit, and it worked great. The video you show on the web site does not do your product justice. There was heavy oxidation on my headlight lens, I had to do three applications, but when I was done, the lens looked new again. Thanks again, oh and by the way, the dealership wanted $79.00 to restore the lens...
    • What a difference!
      Doc | , | 9.12.2011
      I used the Headlight Restorer on my tail lights, and man what a difference it made. I was going to get new light covers, but now, they're just like new. Keep on putting those GOOD products out like that. I only use Turtle Wax products now. Thank you!
    • WOW!!
      Jen | York, PA | 9.13.2011
      Thought I was going to need to replace my head lights. Saw this at Walmart and decided to try it.. Worked amazing!! Would recommend this to friends and family!! Great product!
    • Works great! Except.....
      Keith | Palm Beach Shores, Fl | 9.13.2011
      This product really cleaned up my brown headlights...it was fairly easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow...my only complaint is that the product comes with enough lube and compound to do several sets of headlights...but only 1 "sealing wipe"
    • Loved this product
      Deb B | Los Angeles, CA | 9.15.2011
      I purchased the Headlight Lens Restorer from Wal Mart. Picked the Turtle Was brand because I have been using the paste wax for years and like it better than anything else. My car is 10 years old and needed something done to the headlight lens covers. I was apprehensive about doing this myself as I didn't want to mess them up more. This product was easy to use and I got beautiful results. I'm going back to buy more. :)
    • GREAT
      Sheila | Clearfield, PA | 9.18.2011
      Really WORKS!!
    • really works
      Rudy | , | 9.29.2011
      I was going to buy a different headlight restorer for $20, but i decided to try this one. This one was about $7 and it made my headlights look brand new. I fully recommend this product. It actually works
    • I am very happy with the results.
      Amanda | swedesboro, NJ | 10.4.2011
      I bought this product because it was cheap and worth a try I never expected to be so easy and work so great. Worth every penny, seriously.The only problem was that it didn't come with certain cloths that would have made my job easier. I guess that's how they keep the price down.
    • great product!
      Duster | , AZ | 10.8.2011
      Works really well...ended up doing the entire process twice to each light. The second light didn't turn out as good as the first, but they're both significantly better than they were!
    • not satisfied
      Paula | east taunton, massachusetts | 10.16.2011
      I did not take a picture of before and after but wish i did because i wasted my money on this stuff.....IT DID NOT WORK!!!! NOT HAPPY.....
    • Well Worth It
      Phillip | , LA | 10.17.2011
      This is one fantastic product for anyone tired of their oxidized headlights. TWX Lens Restoration cleared my headlights without having to go through all four steps. I will be using this on the rest of our vehicles at our house and will recommend it to everyone.
    • Turtle Wax Fans
      Jen | , | 10.17.2011
      I just have to share this with you. When my husband was complaining about his headlights and got a $100 quote from the dealer to "fix them" I urged him to try TWX Headlight Restoration. WOW! He's a car guy and a very tough critic. He is an absolute believer now and you saved us $90. Even better, our neighbor who is the neighborhood know-it-all came over to see what my husband was doing. He went back to his garage and brought back some competitor's product (not even sure what product it was). My husband promptly turned to him and said "Sorry, we are a Turtle Wax kind of family, but thanks." Just wanted to share.
    • Outstanding Results!
      Steve Crary | Lodi, California | 10.19.2011
      I am a thrift freak! I hate to spend money on useless products. So first, I tried toothpaste on my headlights (1989 Ford F150) and it got rid of some of the discoloration, but I still had people offering to restore my headlights.Then I broke down and bought the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer kit. I READ and FOLLOWED the directions and now, my headlight, turn signal and taillight covers look like they just came out of the factory! I drove my truck last night and I was able to easily see twice as far. Whoever put together this kit, should get a raise and an award!Thanks Turtle Wax!
    • Awesome product!
      Les | , | 11.18.2011
      I just used your lens restorer on my '05 car. What an awesome product!!It far exceeded my expectations. Not only did it make my headlight covers look like new again, I now have the full nighttime vision for a safer ride.Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
    • Poor instructions
      Mike | Lansing, MI | 12.25.2011
      Step 3 says to proceed to step 4 if lens is not clean. What step do you proceed to otherwise? Did anyone bother to read these instructions? Really...
    • One wipe and done
      Thomas | Newport News, Va | 12.31.2011
      I brought this product because the car dealership was using it and wanted to save some money compared to dealership prices.The product did a great job and I am pleased with the outcome. My complaint is that only 1 sealer wipe comes in the package and you have quite a bit of the product left after using it for one set of lights. Now the product is in my opinion useless without additional wipes. You can't even buy them separate in stores or from the website. This is highway robbery and I will use the other product I bought.  I will buy the Turtle brand if they ever decide to add additional sealer wipes or can purchase them separately. Stay away until then.
    • Improved the look of the car
      Alistaire | , | 1.3.2012
      I have recently purchased a 2002 s type jaguar. The headlamps on one side were badly faded, I used your headlight lens restorer as per the instructions and was truly amazed at the results both headlamps now match and it improves the look of the car immensely. With new lamps costing approx $200.00 it was a very cost effective exercise - Many thanks
    • 4 Thumbs Up
      Anthony | , | 1.3.2012
      Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer is by far the best product I've ever used under $10, I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first but I cannot argue with the results. My headlights were so far gone, driving at night was nearly impossible, now my headlights look like new. In every literal sense of the word. BRAND NEW!!!!! I wish I had more hands so I could give this product 4 thumbs up. Thanks Again Turtle Wax!
    • Love it!!!
      Felicia | Superior, Wi | 2.9.2012
      I just bought a 99 Taurus from down south and the headlight were so far gone. After using the restorer kit my headlight look 100x better and a lot brighter at night I would recommend to everybody very easy to use as well! It even made my car look better overall. Very pleased
    • Worked great
      Don L. | Farmer City, IL | 2.9.2012
      The lenses on my car had NOT oxidized; but, they had 147,000 miles of road junk thrown at them and rock chips. This product cleaned the lenses up wonderfully in 5 minutes per lens. An added benefit is I have plenty ofthe product left for a 2nd application when I want to spend more time to clean the lenses more thoroughly. I highly recommend this product.
    • Did a great job!
      Ethan | Waco, TX | 3.1.2012
      I used this on the headlights of my 1999 Subaru and it worked wonderfully. Before, both of my headlights were very yellowed and hazy, and now they're crystal clear. I was pleasantly surprised that this product did such a good job. Turtle Wax has just won themselves a new customer.
    • Only one use
      TurtleJoe | , | 3.16.2012
      I gave this product only 4 stars because there is only one lens sealing wipe in the kit. Which from what I can tell is only one use. Perhaps room for a new product? Been using Turtle Wax products for 24 years and first time I noticed a less than superior product. Please point me to the aisle where the lens sealing wipes are.
    • Headlight
      Sheila | Strafford, NH | 3.24.2012
      My headlights were horrible! They were yellowed so much that I could put my highbeams on all the time and never get flashed by anyone! This product made them look almost brand new. The car is 12 years old.The only thing is that they only put one sealing wipe in the box and there is enough of the other stuff to do them 2 or 3 times but only the one sealing wipe.They suggest using wax to seal them here on the site so maybe I got an old box and they don't put the wipes in any more? Anyway-great product,great price.
    • Worked like a charm!
      Mac | Trinity, FL | 4.9.2012
      I bought Turtle Was Headlight Lens Restorer for two reasons mainly: I thought the price was very reasonable and I liked all of the stages it provided in the repair kit.I could not be more pleased with the results. My headlight lens on my 2007 Toyota Tundra had gotten pretty rough looking; bad enough to steal away from the looks of an otherwise great looking truck. So I tried this restorer and it certainly did the trick.The step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow, the kit contents were clearly marked, and the product did its job admirably. I especially liked the extra nice touch of including the plastic glove you use to apply the final sealant/protectant.Thank you Turtle Wax for such a great product and for providing it at such a great price!P.S. I have before and after photos I'd love to share if you'd like me to send them to you.
    • Great product for the price
      perry | , | 4.11.2012
      The headlight lenses on my '99 VW Passat were in terrible condition. With not too much muscle power the lenses now look like new, no kidding. Great product Turtle Wax.
    • Dayna Fortenberry
      dayna | harlem, GA | 4.21.2012
      GREAT PRODUCT! I did all 3 of our cars by my GIRLY self! No man needed here! The lenses look like new again!
    • A lot of work for nothing
      James | Rincon, Georgia | 5.8.2012
      I purchased this product and followed the instruction to a "T", even spending one hour per lenses with no better result than with what I started with. A lot of work for nothing, will return for full refund.
    • Needs to be seperated
      Eamon Ault | Phoenix, Arizona | 5.13.2012
      The Lens Sealing Wipe and the resto- pads should be available as themselves, so I can work on multiple vehicles
    • worked like a charm
      Doug | Brea, CA | 5.21.2012
      I did the full restoration process this weekend and my headlights look almost brand new! I have to really take a close look to see any flaws. $10 and 20 minutes well spent.
    • One of my favorites
      CAL | ST. THOMAS , US Virgin islands | 6.1.2012
      I have used almost every type of Headlight restoration product that is being sold and Turtle wax is in my top two. The polishing compound in this kit is the best I have used so far it allows you to achieve some amazing polishing by hand. Here is where I think it needs improvement not everyone will know how to properly sand and prep the headlight or even determine if the polish is all that is needed. So I give it a 3 because better directions would help determine what would be the starting point for their car.
    • This stuff is Awesome!!!
      Jennifer | Taos, NM | 6.8.2012
      I used this on my Lexus Lights and they look brand new again!! This stuff did a miracle on my headlights
      Paul | Sevierville, TN | 6.9.2012
      I wish I had taken before and after pictures. Couldn't be happier with the results. Made my headlights look like new again.
    • FIrst product that actually worked!
      Joanne | Buckhead, GA | 6.13.2012
      I tried just about every other headlight polish out there and nothing helped my badly yellowed Nissan headlights and living in a rural area I need good lights. I figured the sanding agent in this was just what I needed and I was correct. The headlight lenses look like new again! Followed the directions to the letter, they were easy to understand but, if your headlights are so bad that you are buying something with sanding pads included, don't bother with the clarifier first just go straight to using the pads. I already knew just a clarifier alone was not going to do it. Thanks Turtle Wax for making something that really works!!
    • waste
      Steven | WAKE FOREST, NC - North Carolina | 6.14.2012
      Waste of money and time. Spent over 20 minutes on one headlight lens and it looked absolutely no different.
    • Headlight
      Mark | Dickson, tn | 6.15.2012
      This product does not work at all. Have spent hours and NO Improvement. Will return for refund
    • Headlight
      Len | francestown, NH | 6.21.2012
      Hey guys, I am the biggest skeptic in the world. I thought I'd try it. Holy schnykees! I can't believe what happened. Never got to the third pad! They look new! I'm thinking about trying old glasses, see what it does.  Wow! I'm impressed. Good job.
    • AMAZING!!!
      Ray | killeen, texas | 6.23.2012
      AMAZING!!! This product really worked! My 2004 Corolla's headlights were fogged up and I had tried other ways to clear them up. I bought Turtle wax but was still skeptical because of it's low cost. Well, immediately after I started rubbing in the compound it was working! I didn't even have to use the scrub pads provided! Now my headlights look almost like they did when I bought my car 8 years ago! I love it and HIGHLY recommend it!
    • Works the Best
      Jeramie | Mechanicville, NY | 6.30.2012
      I have tried a lot of headlight lens restorers and this one is by far the best one out there. It took me about 10 minutes per headlight and it came out like they were brand new. Try this one before you try any other one.
    • Well
      Sue | Dover, Pennsylvania | 7.9.2012
      This product was advertised to work miracles. I used it and it made no difference what so ever. Why advertise, something that just doesn't work.
    • Simply Amazing!
      Jolan | Plano, TX | 7.12.2012
      I had my doubts. But this kit restored my headlight lenses to a very clear and likenew finish. New headlights for an 06 Scion Tc = about $150.00....this kit...about $9.00....and a few minutes of elbow grease. GREAT PRODUCT!
    • Ripoff
      Gregory | Searsport, Maine | 7.29.2012
      This product doesn't work as advertized. Like many others, I spent about 30 minutes on each lens, following the instructions. The end result is NO difference in the lens but I am out $10. At least it wasn't a total loss, the manufacturer got something out of my efforts. Refund states to return product with before/after pictures(I didn't take a "before" shot)with the receipt. After you spend another $5+, how much refund do you actually end up with? They know we aren't going to go through their hoops to get a couple $$ back after waiting several more weeks. NO MORE Turtle Wax products...
    • This works!!!!
      Ray | Fort Myers, FL | 8.5.2012
      My headlights were about as yellow and muted as any I have seen. The sunlight here in Florida is harsh. Upon using this Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer, my light are like brand new!!!!!!There is a little crazing on the inside of the lenses, but this doesn't cloud anything. The outsides were the worse,not anymore!!Thanks,Ray
    • Great Product
      Steve Murray | Riverview, FL | 8.19.2012
      Used this to restore very cloudy headlight covers on our 05 Camry. Easy to use and the results were as new. Best $8 I've spent in a long time!
    • Headlight
      Steve | Claymont, DE | 8.22.2012
      This product works well,but it has only 1 lens sealing wipe so you can only do your headlights 1 time. There is plenty of lens clarifying compound & spray lubricant left over to do it again. Also the lens clarifying wipe states that it will dry & cure within 24 hours, well 48 hours later & it was still very much wet it never dried.
    • Very Happy!!
      Jeff | Knoxville, Ia | 9.7.2012
      Couldn't be happier with results, with some elbow grease and 30 mins of time, headlights look new again.
    • Headlight Lens Restorer
      Carey | Greenwood, IN | 9.10.2012
      Fantastic product! My car is 10 years old and I could not see through the lenses anywhere. I did spend more than 5 minutes each lens going through all the steps to restore them but they look brand spanking new now. When I look out the door and see the car it's as though someone else's car is sitting in the drive.
    • Headlight Lens Restorer
      ganaev | roeselare, west-vlaanderen | 9.17.2012
      Headlight Lens Restorer.ik wil kopen.
    • Sweet ride once again!
      Michele R | Indialantic, Fl | 9.28.2012
      Used the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer on my 12 year old Highlander, lenses were all clouded over - took just under an hour to do both (and quite a bit of elbow grease with the compound), but looks great after 1 application, thanks Turtle Wax!
      C Johnson | Gilbert, AZ | 10.1.2012
      Wasn't sure if it would work, after doing all 4 steps plus polish, WOW, like new, 100% pleased and telling all my friends!!!
      Brent | Hopkinsville, KY | 10.26.2012
      I’ve spent more time scratching my head while reading the negative reviews on here than I did restoring two sets of headlights to near perfect condition. That’s right I said two sets and I still have enough left over to do my taillights. I’ve tried several different competitors’ kits but this one has returned the best results by far.
    • It works
      James | Los Alamos, NM | 11.10.2012
      Auto shop wanted fifty bucks to restore lens. It cost me $10 for the kit and 10 minutes of rub and buff and the lens are crystal clear, as good as new. It's that good. You can trust Turtle Wax.
    • A miracle in a bottle
      Niki | Irving, Texas | 12.5.2012
      I give this product a five star because after I used it my headlights looked brand new. I can always trust Turtle Wax.
      Brian Z | Virginia Beach, VA | 1.21.2013
      This product doesn't work as stated. Like many others, I spent about 50 minutes on each lens, following the instructions to the "T". The end result is NO difference in the lens but I am out $10. Refund states to return product with before/after pictures(I didn't take a "before" shot)with the receipt. After you spend another $5+, how much refund do you actually end up with? They know we aren't going to go through their hoops to get a couple $$ back after waiting several more weeks. NO MORE Turtle Wax products for me...
    • Headlight Restoration
      Mark Caruso | Winter Springs, Florida | 1.23.2013
      This product by far is the best and most effortless headlight restore kit I have ever used, I didn't even have to use the little padded sandpaper products enclosed, thanks Turtle Wax!!!!!
    • Sub standard product. Very poor customer service.
      santosh xavier | franklin , ky | 1.29.2013
      I purchased this product from Oreilly. I tried it out on my cars headlights and instead of making it bright it made it dull. I took pictures of it. Oreilly told me they could not refund my money & directed me to TW. I sent them an email and they asked me to mail copies of the pictures, along with the bar code and a copy of the receipt. I have all of these so that is not a problem. However TW is asking me to mail them via post copies of the pictures and then wait 4 to 7 weeks. I guess my question to whoever is reading this review is would you go through all the trouble to get your $9 back or will you ever buy TW products. Mine is a clear cut decision. No more TW products if this is how they make their customers run around before paying them back for selling a sub standard product in the first place.
    • lens restorer
      ralph cook | longs, sc | 2.9.2013
      do you skip step 4 and proceed to step 5 the instructions does not say?
      Karen P | Elkridge, MD | 2.26.2013
      My 10 year old PT Cruiser looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I thought I had to replace my headlights, but the Turtle Wax restorer made them look brand new again. Amazing
    • True Restoration!!!
      Nick | Athens, Georgia | 3.15.2013
      I have an old car...like 1995 old. On top of this, my headlights have never really been cleaned or restored. So for practically 18 years nighttime driving has been difficult. However, with this product, I was able to reverse all yellow, haze, and the blurriness out of my headlights. (I did it with little effort too!) With the way my vehicle looked I can truly say that this product can restore headlights.
    • probleme
      andre | IFS, france | 3.28.2013
      bonjour vos tampons finis avec le kit ne valle rien j ai acheté du papiers de verre en plus et il possible de m envoyé des lingettes les sealing wipe dans le pakit la lingette ai pas terrible j attend une reponse de votre part Andre
    • Wow
      John | Bayville, NEW JERSEY | 4.11.2013
      I don't write many reviews but for the price and ease of use you cant beat the deal. I am buying 2 more kits just in case turtle wax figures out they are selling it to cheap. Results --- http://sdrv.ms/Yf78Fv
    • Waste of time
      Korey Charles | Los Angeles, CA | 4.18.2013
      This product was a waste of my time and money. It did not improve the headlights at all. This company should stick to making car wax, that works this doesn't. Waste of time, and now my fingers hurt.
    • Headlight Kit
      Greg Deis | imperial Beach, ca | 4.29.2013
      Just wanted you to know this is the best. I've tried a lot of the other stuff but this works. My asked me if I had adjusted her light because it was so brite. Thanks. The only problem I had was that this was the only box and it looked like it had been open, when i got home the pads were missing but lucky for me I didn't them thanks again.Greg
    • Works amazingly
      Brian P | , | 5.16.2013
      The product works amazingly well! One headlight had been replaced on my car recently leaving the other out of place as it had a large amount of corrosion on it. After using this kit, you can barely tell, if at all, which headlight was the new, and which was the old.
    • Exceeds product claims
      Jay L. Stern | North Hills, CA | 5.19.2013
      Turtle Wax has a fine product, appropriately packaged, with clear instructions. Best of all, IT WORKS! How many claims do manufacturers make that are phony? Not this one. Thank you for finding a need and filling it!
    • Turtle Wax lens restorer does not work!
      Robert Grainger | Charlotte, NC | 5.26.2013
      This product is terrible. I tried it on my 2002 Civic headlights and my 2004 Corolla headlights and it did NOTHING! These headlights were not terribly fogged but after following the directions and lots of work, there is absolutely no improvement in the headlights. I DO NOT recommend this product to anyone and wish I had my money back. You get what you pay for. Try another product because Turtle Wax does not make headlights any clearer!
    • Headlight cleaner
      Bobby | Atlanta , GA | 6.5.2013
      Best headlight cleaner ever!!!!!
    • Misrepresentation
      Don | Porter Ranch, CA | 6.16.2013
      Waste of time and waste of money....A little spit would have accomplished the same result...but I would have saved $10.00
    • Misrepresentation
      Don | Porter Ranch, CA | 6.16.2013
      Waste of time and waste of money....A little spit would have accomplished the same result...but I would have saved $10.00
    • Excellent
      Wray | Franklin, MA | 6.21.2013
      Works like a charm. Just followed the simple instructions and got excellent results in 30 minutes for both headlight covers on my Toyota Corolla.
    • IMPRESSED!!!!
      Sarah Higgins | Burbank, Wa | 6.26.2013
      Holy WOW!!! I used this product on my 13 yr old headlamps, which have never been treated or restored!! I followed the simple directions and in about 45 mins, I had both lights done!!! They look almost brand new!!! It has been really tough to see while driving at night...Not any more!!! About went blind when my kid switched them on!!! Thanks for a fantastic product!!!
    • headlight restorer
      tyler yoder | screven, ga | 6.30.2013
      I bought your headlight restorer product to restore headlights on my 2004 Chevy Colorado and 2006 Pontiac GTO. I followed the directions closely and perfectly and your product completely ruined my headlights on both vehicles. Thank you Turtle Wax.
    • HORRIBLE!!!!!
      Dalton | Blaine , Mn | 6.30.2013
      It made my headlight worse! It ended up scratching my headlight up so bad it looks worse than before!! It doesnt even deserve a star!
    • Great product!
      Jordan | Lake havasu, Az | 7.12.2013
      I used this on my '99 isuzu amigo, and my lights Look like new! It took me maybe 20 minutes total, and they look like the Arizona sun has never touched them!!
    • product sucks
      robert | montgomery city, missouri | 7.14.2013
      i purchased/ wasted money, on this so called haedlight lens restorer thinking it would live up to its claim "RESTORER"! after 45 minutes of following each and every step the 1 headlight i attempted to "RESTORE", it still looks the same if not worse! and to top it off, i have to come up with a photo of the headlight (before and after) and then pay to ship there crappy product along with the pics just to get my money back!? now, who in the hell would even think to take a picture of there headlight before using this product? really??! what a rip off in every since of the word!! in the past i had allways thought "TURTLE WAX" was a trusted product but after this experence i will never purchase a turtle wax product again!!
    • Pleasantly Surprised
      Emmett Snellen | Harrodsburg , Ky | 7.25.2013
      My 2009 Toyota Camry looked much older than it actually was because of ugly cloudy headlight lenses. After seeing all the gimmicky tv commercials for headlight lens restoration products, I honestly didn't put much faith in Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer. My tune quickly changed after I began using the product. All it took was an application of the lens restoration compound and a quick buffing and the headlights were as good as new. I couldn't believe it, but couldn't be more satisfied. Especially for the cost of this product compared to what some shops charge to restore headlight lenses. I wish there was a place to post before and after pics on this site. I'm so glad I decided to give this product a try. Thanks Turtle Wax!
    • Motorcycle Winshield
      Chuck | Onalaska, WI | 7.27.2013
      Started with a 1987 heavily oxidized acrylic windshield you could hardly see through. I took the windshield off and wet sanded using all 4 of the included sanding pads. I used a Mothers foam polishing ball on a drill with the Turtle wax liquid lens restorer polish and it turned out pretty good. The little pad of sealer acts like a clear coat and made it crystal clear. Saves me from buying a new windshield.
    • Headlight Restorer
      Debbie Delli | Crystal Lake, IL | 8.6.2013
      I used the headlight lens restorer, and after 30 min of HARD-HARD scrubbing back & forth, just like the instructions state...my lights are still yellow & very dim. I have blisters on my fingers & dull headlights...not a happy customer! Very disappointed!!
    • Amazing!
      Lindsay Southern | North Charleston, SC | 8.9.2013
      This product saved me $32! I almost paid a mechanic to do this for me and then I saw your product for less than $10. In less than 10 minutes, my headlights looked NEW! My lights were almost completely clouded! I will suggest this product to everyone! My only advise is to follow the directions completely- it does not look like it is working at the end of step 3, but when you wipe it off you are literally wiping off years of grime.
    • Great Kit if you follow the directions
      Mark | , | 8.11.2013
      I was a bit skeptical when I saw how small the box was, compared to some other kits available on the market. This kit really is the best. It took 15 minutes to do my headlights, and they look GREAT. I followed the tutorial at http://www.headlightreviews.com/turtle-wax-headlight-lens-restorer-tutorial/ and didn't have a single issue. Would recommend to anyone!
    • Awesome!
      Kyle McConnell | Littleton, Colorado | 9.17.2013
      I used the headlight restore on my Dodge Dakota and it exceeded all of my expectations. The headlights once thought to be beyond repair, now look like new. I've used others brands with mixed results. The kicker is the turtle wax is less expensive than the other brands that I have tried.
    • Very Pleased, with slight disappointment
      Barry | Iron Station, NC | 10.19.2013
      The product was a home run. I cleaned my headlights and my son's. Both sets were very opaque before and clear as new after. I followed the instructions, and after I finished both looked like brand new headlights. Like so many others have expressed, my only disappointment was that there was only one sealer wipe. I wish there were more and that they were available separately. It was worth the price any day.
    • Excellent
      Andre` | South Africa | 10.28.2013
      Used this product on both my Lexus and my wifes Opel Corsa. It was hard work and took lots of elbow grease and about an hour of my time. It was certainly worth the effort and the price! The South African sun is brutal but we both have renewed and clear headlight lenses again. I`m so sorry I never took before and after pictures. Honestly, I did not have faith in the product but that has changed.
    • Awesome
      Mike | Around | 12.4.2013
      If you put in the time, it works extremely well. I had tried just using headlight polish and got nowhere, even with a polishing wheel. I was worried at first, it looked like the sanding made them look worse. It's the wipes that really finish it and make them look fantastic. But after about a month, mine went cloudy again and I wish I had wipes to use again. They aren't as cloudy as before, but they don't look as good as the day I used the kit.
      Steven | Houston | 12.21.2013
      1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Super Duty the headlights were so bad I got pulled over and got a ticket stating my lights were not bright enough, it was dismissed cause there is no such law. Anyway, bought this at Autozone and after reading instructions and following them to the letter and about 2hrs later, 1hr per lens, they looked like brand new. Even my wife asked where I got the money to buy new lenses, then I showed her the product. My only suggestion is Turtle wax need to sell just the Lens sealer pads as I still have more compound but have another vehicle to do. I will be contacting Turtle wax to see if they will sell just the sealer, if not I WILL BUY another kit.
    • Pretty OK
      Jay | Santa Clarita | 12.26.2013
      You get what you pay for i guess. It kinda worked but my dad ended up having something that REALLY worked lying around in the garage. Would i recommend it? 1-10? about a 6.5. They need a ton more sealing wipes though.
    • Don't waste your money
      Cliff | Hamilton, Va | 12.29.2013
      I followed the directions exactly and after working on the light for 30 minutes there was not difference in the light I cleaned and the other one.
    • I'm Quite Satisfied
      Mike | Torrington, WY | 12.31.2013
      Used on a 1999 Toyota Solara with original lights/lens that were real cloudy and hazed. No real effort involved (and I'm one lazy dude) in using. I followed the instructions exactly. No complaints!
    • Works brilliantly, but.........
      Web | TN | 1.2.2014
      The product works great. My truck is 14 years old, and I've used several different products to try and clear my lenses. This one, without a doubt, works the best. However, there needs to be more wipes to use in the final steps. I found that there is plenty of compound and lubricant to use several times, but only one of each needed wipe. I'd like to have done my wife's car, but that just wasn't possible. Too bad. I would think the people at Turtle Wax would have known this (or at least realized it) and added more of each wipe. Charge a couple of extra dollars if you must, but put more wipes in the package. They are definitely necessary.
    • Terrible
      Payney 351 | Victoria australia | 1.3.2014
      Do not buy this product it is terrible, it made my headlights worse then what they were.
    • Flawless
      Lee Lalonde | New York | 2.12.2014
      For all those people saying ohhh this didn't work made it worse. Well let me tell you something it takes time don't rush it. I have a 1997 gmc 1500 headlights were completely hazed right over and this stuff actually made them look brand new!!! Literally brand new! I always use Turtle Wax products. All the other products you see that are highly priced are junk you are just paying for the name think about that.... Turtle wax always delivers 100% satisfaction no matter what. Thanks turtle!!!!
    • Works great
      Brian | California | 2.24.2014
      This is one of the best kits I have used and I've bought the more expensive kits in the past. I chose this one over one that cost twice as much not because of the price, but because the sanding/restorer pads were re-usable and the other kits just came with small one time use pieces of sand paper. I did my taillights and both headlights and all came out great. I even took before and after pics, not because I didn't think it would work, but to show others the difference it made. Why wouldn't you take a before and after pic? My only complaint is the same as many othrs in that they need to eithr include more sealing wipes or sell them separetely. But you can alsways just buy a competitors UV protectant to apply after you have completed the restoration since it seems Turtle Wax won't. That is all the sealant wipe is, is a UV protectant for the lens to keep it from yellowing and oxidizing again.
    • Needs a little "elbow grease" is all.
      JDM | Santa Monica, CA | 2.27.2014
      Just bought a 2001 Prelude. The lenses on my headlights were very yellow and cloudy. The first application of the clarifying solution actually improved the appearance a bit, but it took a good deal more work to get them to look almost new again. To the people who say this doesn't work: you have to really put your back into it if you're doing it by hand, but if you do, the results will be worth it. I spent about 2 hours hand buffing my headlights. Do not be mistaken- this is usually done with a high speed buffing machine or sander with buffing pad. To achieve nice results I had to repeat some steps. After going through the 4 buffing pads, wipe the lens clean with a damp cloth. Check for any cloudy spots (while you're sanding, you can tell these spots because they have more 'drag' and will actually sound louder than smooth spots) and go through the pads 1-4 on those spots. Repeat until the fogginess is gone. I had to repeat these steps at least 3-4 times to get satisfactory results. Then, to get my lenses close to new looking, I applied the clarifying solution in tiny overlapping rows of circles while applying much pressure (this is a work out by hand) and then buffed it off. After I had finished sanding, I did the buffing step like 4-5 times. This is what really smooths them out and adds shine. A good indicator that you're achieving maximum smoothness is when the lens starts to squeak as you buff away the excess clarifying solution. Your reward is directly proportional to the work you put into it (so... maybe invest in a sander and buffing pads if you are adverse to that. My arm almost fell off).
    • I was skeptical but this actually works!
      Fred | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | 3.7.2014
      I was always very skeptical of these do-it-yourself headlight restoration kits but I decided to give it a shot and bought the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer. I carefully read the money-back guarantee fine print on the box before attempting to restore my hazy front headlights. The guarantee essentially states that if you're not satisfied, simply return the unused portions with the sales receipt along with before/after pictures for a full refund. Sounds fair to me. I took pictures before and during the whole process. About 20 minutes later, after all was said and done, I took a few more final shots while the lens sealing coat was drying. The final verdict? Forget the money-back guarantee...my headlights look great! I was surprised it worked so well without a power buffer...and my arm isn't even tired. I can honestly say that I'm very happy with the results, enough so, that I'd actually write a review, which I barely do for any product!
    • Easy to use by an experienced mechanic or someone with no experience
      Mike | Topeka Ks | 3.9.2014
      We stopped by our local auto parts store to look into a headlight lens restoring kit for our 2005 Honda Civic®. We saw several kits/products that were well over $30, a few that were about $7 and the Turtle Wax® Kit which was about $9. We chose the Turtle Wax Kit as a good mid-priced kit because it seemed to offer more than the inexpensive kits and promised to do as much as the more expensive kits. We got home, cleaned our headlights with Windex® and then we simply followed the steps as provided by Turtle Wax®. I did the passenger side and my wife did the drivers side. They both came out equally good and I was very impressed with the overall results! I am very experienced with things like this and my wife is not and neither one of us had an issue using the kit. The total time it took was less than 30 minutes and the result were headlights that looked as if they were new, it actually gave the car a facelift! Overall this is an A+ product and the value for the money was excellent.
    • AMAZING!!!!
      Andrea | New York | 3.24.2014
      I was skeptical because I had purchased the "As Seen on TV" brand of Lens Restorer and it did NOTHING. My brother told me to get the Turtle Wax Lens Restorer; he said he used it and it works great. I was skeptical that I would be able to achieve even good results due to my car being over 12 years old and not having enough strength to get the job done! I was very pleasantly surprised!! I followed all the steps and to my amazement, my headlights look almost brand new. I suffered for years with hazy headlights which created very poor visibility, so I avoided night driving! I thought it was my vision deteriorating until it occurred to me that it has to be my headlights creating the poor visibility. I just used the Turtle Wax Lens Restorer this afternoon, so I have not driven at night with my "new" headlights, but I cannot wait to drive at night now just to try it out!!! I have a feeling I am going to be extremely pleased with the visibility because I can see how crystal clear my headlights are now! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because as others have mentioned, although I probably have enough product to do my lenses 3 more times, the kit only contains one Base Coat Wipe and one Sealing Wipe. This makes no sense because once the packet that contains each wipe is opened, the wipes will dry out. I taped up the packets and put them in a small zip lock bag in the hopes of preserving them but I have a feeling the wipes will dry out by the next time I have to restore my lenses, but I hope not! Great product! I've been telling everyone about it today! I love spreading the word when I discover a fantastic product!
    • Great, awesome!!!!!
      Jorge G | Indianapolis. Indiana | 3.30.2014
      I bought the headlight lens restorer for my VW Jetta 2000. It is a great item, works like magic. Half an hour and my headlight look like brand new thanks!!!!! For this great formula I will use again if I need it.
      James L | Rhode Island | 4.5.2014
      This stuff really does work! You HAVE put in the effort and do just as the instructions say.
    • Headlight restorer
      Scott C | Glasgow, Kentucky | 4.18.2014
      I followed the direction on the box & it worked like a charm. I did have to use the cleaning pads step twice, but after that the headlights are crystal clear. I would like to have more sealant, there's plenty of everything else for more headlights. Great product.