TURTLE WAX® F21® CAR WASH 64 fl.oz.

TURTLE WAX® F21® CAR WASH 64 fl.oz.

The best way to wash a car at home

This powerful cleaner uses nanotechnology for a thick, rich foam that provides a lubrication to help prevent dirt from creating abrasive swirl marks. It’s safe for all finishes and won’t strip existing wax from your finish.

Net weight: 4

    Start with a cool-to-the-touch vehicle, out of direct sunlight.

    Rinse off all loose dirt and mix 1 oz. per gallon of water. Agitate for a thick foam.

    Use a wash mitt or sponge to wash vehicle from top to bottom, then rinse and dry.

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    • highly recommended
      sundown | cabanatuan city, philippines | 9.25.2011
      very good sudsing and cleaning action. easy to wash off. smell is neutral though.
    • Amazing!!!!
      Gwen | Trotwood, OH | 5.17.2012
      I haven't washed a car in years but bought a new car and decided to take a chance and wash it myself. This was an amazing product, it was easy and results were a beautiful shiny car!!! My father have been using Turtle Wax products for over 20 years!!!
    • Great stuff
      Linda | Roanoke, VA | 8.25.2012
      Washed my 'new to me car' that is 3 years old, had some sudsy wash left in the bucket so washed my brother's '96 car that hadn't had a bath in a couple years. Made the car look almost like it had a wax job on it. He was amazed, and a bit embarrassed he let his car go unwashed for so long. Afterwards I applied the interior F21 Protectant to a very faded dash and interior on his car and again, it looked almost like new again. Great job TW!Also used the car wash on our very old, very dirty alum. awnings and it took the old grim off and left them looking so much better. Won't have to rent a power washer now. Thanks!
    • MR
      Mike | , | 9.2.2013
      one of the worst cleaning products I have ever used. Had to wash bouth of our cars over there was water marks everywhere(we have soft water) threw product away all but full bottle. What a wast of time and water