Carnauba enriched for incredible shine and durability

Turtle Wax® Express Shine® Carnauba Spray Wax provides a brilliant shine in a fraction of the time. The ultimate spray and shine product provides legendary Turtle Wax® Hard Shell® protection without all the work of traditional paste waxes. This easy-to-use formula is safe to use on all nonporous automotive surfaces and lasts for months. 

  • • Quickly and easily delivers a durable, long-lasting shine
  • • Enriched with carnauba wax for a smooth, slick finish
• Fills in minor swirl marks & leaves no powdery white residue

Net weight: 1
SKU: T136R

    Wash and dry vehicle. Shake well. Apply to cool, clean surface.

    Lightly mist onto finish, one section at a time.

    Spread evenly with a microfiber cloth or soft terry towel and lightly buff for a brilliant shine.

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    • Turtle Wax Express Shine.
      Kenneth | , | 11.9.2011
      Bought your product with not real high hopes. But not being up to a paste wax physical concerns, I bought the Express. Guess what? This stuff worked, my car is a 2000, got a nice shine and rained last night and this morning the hood was beaded up like a duck's back. It took about 30 minutes and no sweat. Even took a picture of it this morning. Will tell my friends.
    • Ease application with good result
      Alvin | , | 1.5.2012
      The smell of this product is not bad since its a blend of carnauba and polymers. Application is easy with a little haze effect. Just wipe off again for the shine. It can be used for dry wash too as it lifts dirt, stains and bird drops, BUT not water spots or marks as it overlap on top. In addition, it causes streak or slight haze on plastic and glass. So be cautious.
    • I like it!
      Brad | Cary, NC | 6.29.2012
      This works really well. Makes your car shiny and the rain beads on it just like a real wax job. I've been using it for a few years now.
    • Express shine
      John G | Kettering, Ohio | 9.30.2012
      I am amazed at the brilliant shine with so little effort. I have a 2004 Chryslser Sebring Sedan with a great bronze color. Your product makes the color 10x more brilliant. Thank you from a 66 yr young car fan. It is the best thing since sliced bread.
    • Great Quick Wax Product!
      Francesco | Mid-Atlantic | 1.9.2014
      I got TW Express Shine for a Christmas present. I had never used it before, but after trying it recently, I am a convert! It beads much better than the "Brand M" I was previously using. It also gives better coverage per squirt. Overall, I find it a better performer, and much more economical. The shine is wonderful!