Deep cleans, polishes & protects as you wax for the deepest, richest, longest-lasting shine

A unique blend of Brazilian carnauba wax and advanced protection chemistries create the perfect deep cleaning wax to remove finish imperfections and maintain the best showroom shine.  This easy to apply and remove formula provides long lasting shine and protection without hard rubbing and buffing.  Safe for all paint finishes, this carnauba enriched formula improves clear coat finishes by removing swirl marks.



Net weight: 1

    Shake well. Apply on a cool clean surface, not in direct sunlight.

    Apply a small amount of product onto a damp foam applicator or cloth and spread evenly on one section at a time. Allow to dry to a haze.

    Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth and buff lightly to a brilliant shine. Not intended for plastic, vinyl, wood or flat paint.

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    • Carnuba Cleaner Wax
      Rob S | dover, ohio | 5.22.2011
      This wax is awesome it does what it says takes out scratches adds some shine and also protects i have been a previous customer of another brand and was not happy with the results so i tried this and i am very happy with the results thanks Turtle Wax.
    • Horrible wax
      Jowie | Indianapolis, IN | 5.6.2012
      I decided to try Turtle Wax cleaner wax because it was on sale.  Its horrible! It usually takes me an hour to wax on and off with other paste products. It took me 4 hours with the cleaner wax. It also leaves white residue all over any plastic or rubber it touches that it is even tougher to remove. The shine was not worth the effort. I threw my cleaner wax in the trash after 1 use.
    • Best Wax
      Austin | Howell, MI | 6.30.2012
      This is the best wax I've used. It is easily applied and removed if you do it properly within a minute or two. It provides a very nice coating that is extremely slick. Recommended.
    • sad experience
      Karen O'Neil | Scranton, Pennsylvania | 8.17.2012
      Having used Turtle Wax for 40 years, I had the worst experience when I could not get the hazed wax off the car. It was impossible to buff off. What happened to this product?
    • good
      Paul | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah | 12.6.2012
      Very good product, makes my Toyota look brand new.  Polished in a cold environment (follow instructions) otherwise its hard to buff out. Thanks TW.
    • hard to remove
      Richard Penrod | west haven, Utah | 5.7.2013
      I have always bought Turtle Wax because it's easy to put on and to remove.I bought this wax because I have a black trailer that need to be cleaned and waxed.I'm sorry but this is the worst Turtle Wax product I've ever used...terrible to remove, I'll return it if I can....